We’ve got a juicy new update to share about the exquisite new Polymega™ systems you’ve been so patiently waiting for!

Lots of ground to cover here, so lets go quickly over topics of discussion and updates we have:

  • Manufacturing
  • CD Game Compatibility
  • User Interface
  • Retro Gun Controller


Tooling and prototype manufacturing have been underway since early this summer, and now we’re moving into pilot production starting this month! Each Polymega™ Base Unit contains over 100 parts, so it’s been crucial to stay focused on getting the details right and ensuring each component is capable of performing flawlessly for years, an effort that requires plenty of attention to details, testing, and iteration.

It’s hard to contain our excitement after all this time to be nearly finished! The timeline for shipping is ASAP, but realistically, we expect to have your console en route in the next 90 days (end of February). But, it’s coming, and it will be well worth the wait! Here’s some images of all of the final manufactured parts for the Base Unit so you can see what goes in to making a Polymega™.


Out of the box, Polymega™ supports a number of CD based retro games systems, each one over 90% compatible with their official release libraries. Since earlier this year, there’s been a huge testing effort underway to test all the games and document their compatibility with our BIOS replacements. Today, you can review the preliminary compatibility list for out-of-the-box CD game compatibility on Polymega™. If a game is listed here, you can be confident it will play great on your own Polymega™, day one. These are games that we’ve confirmed work internally, but there might be many more games that work which we have not tested such as demos, prototypes, etc. There’s also a few more systems we’re wrapping up testing on, so this report will be updated again soon with information for PS1 PAL/JP, Saturn Europe, and PC-Engine CD / TGCD in the future.


Polymega™ has great looking video filters, but one issue we were experiencing earlier this year is that some TV’s would show them incorrectly, or display them too dark and low in contrast depending on the specifications of your display. To help you get the most out of your Polymega™ and it’s Virtual Display filters, we’ve added special brightness and contrast adjustment settings that can be set globally, and even be saved on a per-game basis.

All you do is set a global default on the first boot of the console (or at any time after that in Settings > Video & Audio > Video Settings > Virtual Display), then when you start playing a game, if you decide to adjust its brightness and / or contrast via the in-game menu, a new game-specific setting for that game will be saved to your Polymega™.

So, now you can have great looking visuals regardless of the game or TV type, perfectly tailored to your viewing environment every time. Below is a slider comparison for the default RGB Filter setting and an adjusted RGB Filter setting which compensates for the darkening of the game image after a filter is applied. You can view the adjusted image full screen here.


Game patching unlocks a world of changes, challenges and new ways to play your games. Polymega™ officially supports the following patch formats: IPS, PPF, UPS, BPS, XDELTA, XDT, and XD. To add patches, just load up your SD card with any supported formats and put them in the “patch” folder on your SD card. Polymega™ will automatically scrape and display your available patches in the “Select Patch” option on the Play Screen for every game.

Here are some quality of life features we’ve added to make the experience really solid.

  • Automatic use of headerless / headered IPS patches (no trial & error).
  • Save states made with patched games will automatically load the correct patch, so long as it exists in the same location on your SD card. This is an easy way to launch your patched games directly from the Game Start Menu if you have multiple patches for one game, or to switch back and forth between patched versions of games.
  • If patch files get moved or removed from its original file location, Polymega™ will ask you to re-locate the patch before launching the save state.

Watch us load up the really cool Policenauts Saturn XDELTA English patch live on the Polymega™ below, and switch back and forth between save states using the patched and unpatched versions.


We’ve got news to share on the upcoming RGC01 Lightgun! We added a small ALPS-style analog stick to the back of the controller. Why? Because with it you can navigate the Polymega™ user interface, and it also unlocks the ability to use your RGC01 Light gun in totally new ways for playing games like First Person Shooters, and more. Check out the near-final mechanical design below. We’ll share more updates about the pre-order and release of this new addition to the Polymega™ family in the coming months.


Next week we’ll have another update to share including a look at all of the languages and region settings that Polymega supports. We also have some big news on the retail front but we’re just waiting for the ink to dry on the contract, so it didn’t quite make it in to this post. To that effect, we will be pulling down pre-orders from polymega.com very very soon — so if you still haven’t pre-ordered here on our website, now is the time to do so and get in at the $299 USD price direct from us!