The Element Module for Genesis, Mega Drive, and 32X games.

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Polymega™ Element Modules provide you with an infinitely expandable library of classic game consoles in one tidy package that’s easy on the eyes. Just insert a module for a system you love, plug in a game and controllers and start playing. Even if you don’t have any game cartridges, each module includes five awesome pre-loaded games.

This module is compatible with Classic Game Cartridges and Controllers for the following systems:

Genesis / 32X – North America
Mega Drive / 32X – PAL
Mega Drive / Super 32X – Japan

What’s Included:

EM03 MD GEN 32x Element Module
RC03 MD GEN 32x Six-Button Retro Controller (1)
Experience Guide

Polymega™ GEN + MD Digital Classics Vault:

Tinhead (NA Version)
Top Racer 2 (JP Version)
Sword of Sodan (NA Version)
Brave Battle Saga – Legend of the Magic Warrior (NA Version)
Water Margin – A Tale of Clouds and Wind (NA Version)

Additional information
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 12 cm
Cartridge Connector

Genesis, Mega Drive, 32X

Controller Connector

Genesis, Mega Drive

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